Calling all career Moms!

Are you tired of leaving your sick children to go to work, or having to take the day off from work to stay at home with sick kids? There is a better way! When you join Young Living, you can earn that extra income you need while staying at home with your little ones. You will probably even find that they are not getting sick as often.

The reason I chose Young Living was for that very reason. When I discovered the world of essential oils, I was amazed by all they could do. I needed a way to keep my family healthy and lessen the toxins in our environment. I found that essential oils were just the very thing I needed. At the first sign of sickness, I start to diffuse essential oils and that is usually all I need to nip that sickness in the bud. Sometimes, if I get a little lax with my oils, that nasty flu bug sneaks its way in. But, when it does, I can rest assured that I have my oils to help support us through it and get over it more quickly. I noticed that when using essential oils, we start to feel better.

Also, I have discovered a solution for my child who would never even think of taking a medication by mouth, even from birth. It was always challenging when she did come down with a sickness because I couldn’t get her to take any medication to help her. I used to try to disguise it in ice cream, pudding, you name it but I was always busted and it was a no go! Now, I can rest assured that I have my essential oil arsenal to use! When she gets a tummy ache, I rub a little essential oils on her belly and she feels so much better. When she breaks out in hives, I have our solution for that as well. When she gets bitten by a bug, I can help the itch go away. If her head starts to hurt, I can help that too. When those growing pains in her legs start to cause her discomfort, I can help that also. The possibilities are endless with essential oils!

I left my career as an R.N. to be a full-time mom. I didn’t want to leave my child with strangers, and since we moved away from family and friends, I felt I had no other option. Even now, the people I trust to leave my daughter with are less than I can count on one hand. Young Living was the perfect solution for me. I could earn an income and still be there for my child. And, the best part, I can keep my family healthy. I feel like I have the best of both worlds! I never have to miss a part of my daughter’s life to go to work and, most importantly, I can maintain a healthy, happy family!

Are you ready to see if this is the right solution for you?

You can message me to find out more details or you can simply visit the website below and choose a wholesale membership. Then, choose your starter kit. You will be on your way to having the best of both worlds too! I will be in touch with you after joining to help you get started on your new career as a stay-at-home working mom and a giver of wellness, purpose and abundance!

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