Antioxidants are very important for protecting healthy cells and supporting overall wellness. Our bodies are battlegrounds and our natural defenses come to our aid against viruses, germs, toxins and other elements trying to make us sick.

Normal body functions, such as breathing or physical activity and other lifestyle habits such as smoking, produce substances called free radicals that attack healthy cells. When these healthy cells are weakened, they are more susceptible to cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancers and diseases. Antioxidant such as vitamins C and E and carotenoids help protect healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Carotenoids act as antioxidants within the body, protecting against cellular damage, the effects of aging, and even some chronic diseases. Included in the carotenoids are beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein which are well-known leaders in the fight to reduce the damage from free radicals. Foods high in carotenoids may be effective in helping prevent certain cancers and may help decrease your risk of macular degeneration, an age-related eye disease leading to blindness.

Foods high in carotenoids include red, orange, deep-yellow and some dark-green leafy vegetables; these include tomatoes which are high in lycopene, carrots high in beta-carotene, spinach, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, winter squash and broccoli.

Research has shown the importance of vitamin E in promoting health. The main role of vitamin E is as an antioxidant which helps protect your body from cell damage that can lead to cancer, heart disease and cataracts as we age. Vitamin E works with other antioxidants such as vitamin C to offer protection from some chronic diseases. Vitamin E is found in vegetable oils, wheat germ, whole-grain products, seeds, nuts and peanut butter.

The best-known antioxidant is vitamin C. Vitamin C offers a wide-variety of health benefits including protecting your body from infection and damage to body cells, helping produce collagen (the connective tissue that holds bones and muscles together) and helping in the absorption of iron and folate.

Foods rich in vitamin C include citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits and tangerines), strawberries, sweet peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and potatoes.

The best way to build a healthful eating plan is to eat well-balanced meals and snacks every day and to eat a wide variety of colorful foods. Eating at least 2 cups of fruits and 2½ cups of vegetables daily is a good start for healthful living. If you are a diabetic, it is probably best to limit your fruit intake and include more vegetables.


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