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Hello, I'm a Registered Nurse, wife and mom just trying to figure out this thing called life. Won't you join me?

Nurse Kathy On Call: Discover the Many Health Benefits of Antioxidants in Protecting Healthy Cells and Supporting Overall Wellness

ANTIOXIDANTS Antioxidants are very important for protecting healthy cells and supporting overall wellness. Our bodies are battlegrounds and our natural defenses come to our aid against viruses, germs, toxins and other elements trying to make us sick. Normal body functions,... Continue Reading →

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Dear Mom, I’m Glad You Chose Life! ~ Cassie’s Corner

One of my major pet peeves is when I see people talking about how they would not want a child with a disability and would abort if given the opportunity. These people often say they wouldn’t want their child in... Continue Reading →

Rise and Shine: Upgrade Your Morning Routine in Three Easy Steps

Set the stage for a great day by changing up your morning routine! Whether or not you’re an early riser, you can maximize your morning by taking the time to prepare for your day in the right way. How often... Continue Reading →

28 Ways To Invite Love Into Your Life Put on your rose-colored glasses and embrace your inner romantic with our 28 days of love calendar! Each day you’ll find something like a special girls’ night out or an indulgent night... Continue Reading →

Margie’s Musings ~ To My Husband of Forty Years

I had never considered myself good-looking But now, looking at old pictures, I think I was. Why didn't you ever tell me? I always felt that I was homely and now I realize the truth I was not! Why didn't... Continue Reading →

Margie’s Musings ~ Imagine Me Smiling

There are those of you who'll miss me. Those of you who won't, those of you who love me, those of you who don't. Remember this, I love you all no matter what you do. I'm right up here in... Continue Reading →

Margie’s Musings ~ Trust In Jesus

Swirling snow was two feet deep, I'm crying as I dial, school had let out early, alas, where is my child? I call in desparation, the number for the bus reply's no info's been forwarded to us. My mind's racing... Continue Reading →

Margie’s Musings ~ A Cry Of Anguish

My God, I did not expect to live this long through all the hardships I've endured If only I could read. I lie here idly on my bed alone, afraid of every noise I hear. I vaguely see the shadows... Continue Reading →

Margie’s Musings ~ Courageous Woman

Fancy clothes, she had none. Six children by her side She had to break the news to them. Their daddy had just died. Some of them would understand, Some were much too young, She longed to scream out loudly, but,... Continue Reading →

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