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Margie’s Musings ~ To My Husband of Forty Years

I had never considered myself good-looking But now, looking at old pictures, I think I was. Why didn't you ever tell me? I always felt that I was homely and now I realize the truth I was not! Why didn't... Continue Reading →


Margie’s Musings ~ Imagine Me Smiling

There are those of you who'll miss me. Those of you who won't, those of you who love me, those of you who don't. Remember this, I love you all no matter what you do. I'm right up here in... Continue Reading →

Margie’s Musings ~ Trust In Jesus

Swirling snow was two feet deep, I'm crying as I dial, school had let out early, alas, where is my child? I call in desparation, the number for the bus reply's no info's been forwarded to us. My mind's racing... Continue Reading →

Margie’s Musings ~ A Cry Of Anguish

My God, I did not expect to live this long through all the hardships I've endured If only I could read. I lie here idly on my bed alone, afraid of every noise I hear. I vaguely see the shadows... Continue Reading →

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